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Expert advice!

When moving home or business it is essential to rely on expert advice to get through the sometimes daunting task of moving. The correct advice and preparation for a removal starts way before moving day, and there needs to be a definite plan from a professional to ensure a cost effective and successful move.

Moving the furniture can be relatively straight forward, however some large or awkward items may need to be dismantled and reassembled in the new property. We have the knowl

edge to do this and all our vehicle’s are equipped with tool boxes should this situation arise.

Moving the boxes and bits can be very easy, but this is not always the case. In these tough times we sometimes have to make difficult choices, but to buy cheap single wall boxes that are not made to carry items such as china or heavy books is not cost effective. As professional removers we can offer a full packing service or at least supply the correct high quality packaging materials. If weak boxes cannot be stacked correctly on a vehicle items could be damaged inside resulting in higher cost than the correct boxes. Large boxes should only be packed with lighter items and smaller boxes are needed for books and heavy items. There is a method to moving household items and we are happy to share our experience. We have moved most things over the years and we are open to new challenges.

Hanging wardrobe cartons can be supplied on moving day, this means that you don’t need to pack your clothes on hangers as we will hang them in our wardrobe cartons free of charge. Once at your new address we will unload your clothes back into your wardrobes.

These small tips and bits of advice may not seem like major points but they make the difference between a professional remover and an enthusiastic amateur, our knowledge will ensure a successful and stress free move. There is a right way and wrong way to move items like piano’s, American style fridge freezers, grand farther clocks and glass cabinets. Rest assured we know how to move these items and are often told we make it look easy. You cannot put a price on experience and knowledge, however expert advice from us is always free!!

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