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Long distance moves on the up…

Last week saw us carrying out lots of overnight moves around the country.

We had moves to Hampshire, and East Sussex twice! We also had a move into storage back from Shropshire.

Next week the trend continues as we have vehicles in Essex and Cheshire amongst our standard local moves.

Two of the house moves last week had poor access so we had an additional smaller vehicle onsite to transship the goods to our larger vehicles.

One of the moves to East Sussex was over 3 days with a transship vehicle needed at both the collection and delivery point.

It’s jobs like this that set us aside from some other companies who may not have done their “homework” and could of course come unstuck when realising the vehicle that they sent was not going to be able to deliver as access wasn’t checked.

For any information regarding our Local, National or Overseas removals please visit our website or call us on 01246 273833 to discuss your requirements.

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