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Difficult times

Updated: Mar 11

It would be fair to say that we are in some difficult times with interest rates souring, utility bills sky high and grocery bills off the scale. However to cut corners to save money on your home move can be a disaster which might even increase your overall costs.

There is the saying a fair price for a fair job which we'd like to think we provide in fact exceed!There is always somebody willing to do most things cheaper but have they genuinely got the ability, skill or your best interest's at heart.

The services we provide give you the peace of mind that we will move your goods safely, swiftly and securely.

The last thing you need on move day is a no show, scruffy van or an inadequately sized vehicle turn up! It wouldn't be the first time we've seen people hiring a van to compensate for the short fall of space on their chosen removal companies vehicle.

We pride ourselves on our informative methodical approach to ensure we send the correct vehicle for the volume, but also take into consideration the access to both properties.

All our vehicles carry the necessary equipment to handle and protect your furniture whilst been moved or transported. Our quotation process is easy to understand and transparent so there are no hidden unforeseen charges.

We have been here since 1979 and know the whole moving process inside out and are only a phone call away for help and advice.

Next time you go on the move be sure to go

with Express Movers The True Professionals!


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