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How to choose the right removal company!

Choosing the right removal company can be a daunting challenge. Rest assured there are lots of people who are willing to take your money, without concern or worry about how to care or handle your furniture.

This is something that worries me and not only are we now faced with cowboy removal companies we also have to deal with the “bedroom broker“. Now these are literally people who operate from a bedroom or home office who promise you they will get you 5 or so free quotes. My advice would be never put your details into one of these websites as all they do is sell your information to any removal company willing to buy them!

There are a few basic steps needed to safeguard your choice of remover;

Check their website to see if it illustrates their own sign written vehicles, uniformed staff and warehouse facilities. If the site only shows random pictures and generic photos of vehicles and warehouses you must ask yourself why don’t they show their own vehicles and facilities?

Does the website not just have a “contact us” form to fill out, but does it list the name, street, town and postcode that the business operates from and is there a landline telephone number.

Are the company willing to send a surveyor to visit your property to view the items of furniture to be moved. In some cases a telephone quote is adequate but for larger or long distance moves from an address near where the company is based a home visit is a must.

Never book a removal company purely based on price. If several companies give a similar quote but one is a lot lower, there could be a reason! Always look for reviews where possible as this is the best sort of recommendation, but try to check that they are genuine.

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