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Require the best type of household furniture storage?

There are many different types of household storage avaliable which offer different levels of security, flexibility and ease of access.

Self storage rooms are a good option if you need frequent access to your goods, however they can offer poor loading/unloading facilities and can be costly if the wrong room size is ordered. Often the cheaper rooms are above ground floor and at the end of a very long corridor. Problems can also arrise if an extra room is needed as the room booked isn't big enough or the room is to large and money has been wasted.

Outdoor container storage is another option that can offer better access but poor security. There may also be problems with insuring your belongings as often the containers are just placed directly onto a hardstanding with no bearers underneath to protect them from damp and adverse weather conditions. The containers are also exposed to huge variations in temperature ( very cold in winter and extremly hot in summer ) which is not good for polished furniture.

If you require storage we offer indoor containerised storage for enhanced security and minimum handling. The vehicle arrives at your property with the purpose built containers on board. The containers are carefully loaded, all furniture is blanket wrapped and an inventory list is taken, then they are sealed under your personal supervision. Once the vehicle arrives back at our storage warehouse the containers are carefully unloaded by fork-lift truck and stored until required. The warehouse is modern, clean, dry, insured and fully alarmed

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