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Removal costs?

Moving home isn’t something that most of us do very often. As a result, it is very difficult to find a trustworthy, reliable and recommended removal company. A google search will bring lots of companies up but which ones can you trust.

We have been established since 1979 and have a vast portfolio of satisfied customers, some of which have moved with us several times. We do however realise that some of our new customers may get several quotes. Getting like for like quotations is the key.

You cannot compare a company with one small van which may need several trips to empty a property with an established company with a fleet of purpose made removal trucks. Therefor you would think the bigger removal companies offer the same service for similar rates, well this is simply not true.

Some bigger companies will quote unrealistically low prices just to keep the wheels turning, which may be enticing for the customer as it looks like your going to save money. The problems may start if the company has quoted a low figure and you book with them and then they have an enquiry to book for a better more profitable move, and then make excuses for your date to send the vehicle on a move with a better margin.

Another prime example is a long distance moves, a way of the removal company saving money is not allocating a vehicle for your sole use, they will need to get a backload to compensate the price you have been given thus making very difficult to tie both dates together.

All our moves are priced to do your move only on that day which may mean that your move with us will be slightly more expensive, but the vehicle will be for your sole use and no backloads are required so subject to availability the dates will be to suite you.

We also use our own staff throughout the whole move wherever you move within the U.K A huge cost cutting exercise is for a company to quote a low figure and then to make cost savings the company will only send a driver with the load and then pick hired help up on arrival at the new address.

Our promise to you is if you pay for us you get us! Our staff will start and complete your move working as a team although our labour costs will be higher we have the peace of mind that the quality of the removal will not subside at any point of the process.

Express Movers, No ordinary removers…………..

                                                                                      ……..Experience the difference!

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