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Moving excellence!

As we all know moving home is a very stressful time, so there is no wonder that people often give little though about completion day and the actual items to be moved. Entrusting your treasured possessions is of great importance and choosing the right removers and even the moving day is also something to give great consideration. Picking the right removal company is quite easy call Express Movers having moved thousands of satisfied customers over the years we understand the whole process, not just the moving day. One point of note is that many people with advice from their solicitors choose to move on a Friday or at the end of the month. This is a removal company’s nightmare as not everyone can move on a Friday or at the end of the month we work all week! Booking a removal should not be a last minute thought, a date should be chosen as soon as possible and a removal booking then confirmed. No removal company can have Lorries on standby so it is important not to just accept a date of completion before checking with the removal contractors to see if that date is available with them. Your solicitor is no different to your removal contractor, you are paying them for a service and should expect them to work for you at the price agreed and complete on the date promised. Getting held up waiting for the keys can be a problem, but the removal company is powerless in this situation. One thing express movers can promise is that we have the right sized vehicles to accommodate almost any size house contents in one load, so when the keys are released it is just a case of unloading and there is no need to go back for several more loads resulting in a very late finish and the potential of holding up the purchasers of your old house, as it is not empty. We are here to make at least the moving part simple and sometimes it may be necessary to store your house contents to keep the sale of you house on track even if your new house will not be ready to move into on the same day. we are fortunate enough to have our own storage facility which can be utilised in this eventuality. There is no minimum contract so even if it is just for a week or two you only pay for those weeks. You may think it will cost you double the amount it would have done for a direct removal but this is not the case. We boast containerised storage system which means the containers are brought to your property on a purpose built removal lorry and loaded through the side doors of the truck. They are then unloaded carefully by fork lift truck into our warehouse so there is no double handling with physical unloading. The same system is carried out in reverse when your contents are returned to your new house. This is a safe, time saving and very cost effective method that is by far the best way to store furniture.  

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