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Updated: Jul 13, 2020

Moving home isn't something we do all that often so choosing a quality removal company is not always as simple as it seems. Anyone can pronounce to be " The best, fully accredited, experienced or trained" A website can be purchased and made to look truly magnificent for as little as a thousand pounds, so who can you trust?

Unfortunately setting up a removal company is relatively cheap and easy. Anyone can purchase a 3.5t luton style van and a website and start moving furniture from day one with no experience whatsoever Now this is how we differ........ In 1979 our company was founded by the " old man " With previous experience of working in the removals industry for many years, He decided that he could provide a far better level of service and professionalism than the company he previously worked for.

He studied and took his CPC ( certificate of professional competence ) bought a removal truck and the rest is history. It is worth noting that to operate removal trucks you are regulated very stringently unlike someone using 3.5t vehicles which doesn’t require a CPC holder and also as a rule of thumb does not have the weight carrying capacity to carry a full home contents of household furniture and belongings. Yes we also operate some 3.5t vehicles but we use them for small loads or restricted access properties and load them to a sensible level, not full! The commitment to run HGV trucks from day one was massive step as proof of maintenance, driver hours and capital to keep the vehicles in good order is needed. This alone is proof of a commitment to provide a quality fully legal service with maintained vehicles and monitored sensible working hours. Everyone of course says they are experienced but we have a combined experience of over 150 years of moving homes and business' both locally and across the world, carefully, legally and professionally at a sensible cost. The best way of choosing a removal contractor is by a recommendation from a relative or friend. We personally don't do a lot of advertising as most of our work comes from recommendations. We are more than happy for potential customers to visit our premises, take a tour of our warehouse and view our vehicles. We are also members of "The association of independent movers" a removal association which offers accreditation for only the top few removal companies in the U.K. There are lots of other organisations and memberships we could join for a nice badge and logo but with no reference towards Furniture removals there is no benefit to the customer or ourselves. More and more people have a website full of badges and accreditation but if they are not relevant to moving and handling furniture there isn’t much point unless your trying to fool customers of course! We would love to hear from you if you would like to know more about any of our genuine services so don't hesitate to call us on 01246 273833/236026 or browse are website

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