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Well never did I think that I would be writing this type of blog, towards the end of April.

Removals and house moves in general can be quite a seasonal thing,Houses always tend to sell much better throughout the Spring and Summer. When the sun is shining and a garden in full bloom it certainly makes it look much better and gives a house great kerb appeal.

Hence from the end of March onwards things usually really pick up for us. It’s clear that unfortunately because of the Covid-19 pandemic that most house sales and moves have ground to a halt.

We have been in business since 1979 but these are certainly unprecedented and uncertain times.

Unlike some “ ordinary removers “ we are still available via Skype, email or telephone. We can also send by post if needed a self survey form in which you can list your items of goods to be moved including the collection and delivery addresses so we can provide a written quotation. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are one of our existing customers or a new potential client with an enquiry. We are constantly assessing the current situation and are working to provide a sensible solution for all our customers and also ensuring the safety of our staff. We do expect that once house completions return to normal we will be inundated with our current customers moves and new customers looking to move A.S.A.P, Leading to a very busy period.

We will do our best to accommodate as many removals as possible working carefully, sensibly and most of all in line with any Government advice. As a local company we must thank our NHS, carers and all the emergency services. We also pay tribute to the Transport sector, shop workers and all the key workers risking their lives to keep us with the supplies we need.

Remember next time you go on the move make sure you go on the move with Express Movers....” No Ordinary Removers.....

......Experience The Difference! “

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