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Expanding our storage facility

Updated: Nov 2, 2021

With our continued growth into international removals and the need to store our clients goods to consolidate loads to ship all over the world we have taken a big step to expand our storage depot to twice the size.

From approximately mid January 2021 onwards we will also have the space to store more of our domestic removals customers goods and offer a huge amount of space to new self store customers looking to bring their own goods to our purpose built depot.

There are many reasons why you might require self storage. You could be storing outdoor furniture over winter, making space to have alterations on your property or lightening the load ready for removal day by storing non essential items. Its fair to say "space is precious" so storing some items that are not used daily but are sentimental or used at certain intervals throughout the year such as camping equipment etc can be a great idea with the peace of mind they are safe, secure and fully insured.

Self storage the process...

Prior to your arrival your designated containers will be placed near the main entrance so you can back your vehicle up to them, so there are no long corridors to carry items down or stairs to negotiate. All containers are numbered so there is no confusion which are yours and there is no lengthy periods to commit to, just a weekly minimum charge paid in 4 weekly blocks.

Our removal to store process...

This process starts on your door step...

The store is brought to your door. The process begins when your storage containers leave the warehouse on a purpose built container lorry and arrive at your home. The containers will be accessed through the side doors of the vehicle when the platforms and ramps are attached. The containers are expertly packed using transit blankets and an inventory list is taken.

Once the vehicle arrives back at the storage warehouse the containers are carefully unloaded by fork lift truck and placed in your reserved locations. This promotes a massive amount of time saving and risk eliminating as the goods are only handled once when loading and once when unloading after the storage period!

This by far the best way to move items into storage as it saves time and money, it also eliminates the risk of items being mixed up, misplaced or lost.

We have been providing self storage to customers for over 40 years. We understand that you need to know that your items are in a clean, dry, tidy and secure facility and that's why we invite anyone by prior appointment to view our warehouse and depot.

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