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Safe Moving....COVID-19

It’s been a while since my last blog, so I thought it was time to reassure the public of the current situation around the predicament of moving in these worrying times and especially in Lockdown.

As a reputable moving company we have had measures in place to allow us to operate as safe as possible for some time now. The safety of our staff and customers is of great importance to us.

We send an email to our customers before our arrival to explain the best practices to reduce the risks of contact including the cleaning of high traffic areas including door handle, light switches where needed and stair bannister.

We ask that the property is vented with windows and doors open if possible and obviously social distancing must be adhered to.

All our vehicles are equipped with hand sanitiser and cabs are cleaned with antibacterial wipes before and after every move. Antibacterial sprays are used in the rear of the vehicle and boxes are used once only.

Risk assessments are in place and our staff understand not to come to work with any symptoms of COVID-19. We check staff temperatures every morning and have instructed them on how to protect our customers.

Can I move in Lockdown?

The government says the new lockdown in England won’t affect home moves, with the property market remaining open throughout. The following will all be allowed during the lockdown, subject to all parties adhering to social distancing measures: Renters and home buyers will be allowed to move, Estate agents and removals firms can continue to operate, Construction sites can continue to stay open, Tradespeople will be allowed to enter homes.

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