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Secure Storage, which is sealed, signed and delivered!

We are a professional removal and storage company with vast experience of moving people locally, throughout Europe and Overseas. Established for over 40years, we offer unrivalled personal service and the prices quoted are affordable, sensible and competitive. With a fleet of 8 vehicles to cover all access eventualities, box and plant trailers and 8 fully-trained and highly-professional staff, we can handle removals of all sizes and complexities in an efficient and methodical manner.

Our customers expect us to store all their worldly goods, which is often a lifetime’s worth of possessions, both safely and securely. They rely on us to look after everything meticulously for them.

The advantages and benefits of storing your household goods with Express Movers:


The wooden storage containers are very secure, placed off the ground and kept in a specially-designed, fully-alarmed warehouse with no public access.


All the storage units are clipped together and stacked in rows, so there is no way into them until they are moved with the fork lift truck and the front is unclipped.


The storage units are guaranteed clean, dry, safe, condensation-free, secure, and are cleaned between rentals. No tie-ins The minimum rental period is one week.


The service is efficient and friendly. The storage units are taken to the customer’s house, the goods are prepared, boxed and packed, and an inventory list is compiled and the containers are sealed there and then overseen by the customer.


The customer need only rent the number of containers needed, so there is no wasted space.

Peace of mind;

All the containers and their contents are fully insured.

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